The Royal Wedding 29th April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey in London on 29th April 2011. Royal Wedding 2011 Info covers all of the latest news, analysis, insight and discussion. The Royal Couple are now The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Extreme Royal Wedding hunger strike fan shall go to the Ball

The Mexican teen, Estibalis Chavez (19) who staged a 16-day hunger strike to try to get an invitation to the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William will be heading to London afterall.

But Estibalis Chavez most likely won't be able to get inside Westminster Abbey to watch the vows. Instead, she'll be able to watch from the sidelines as thousands gather in London next week on 29th April 2011 thanks to a donation from Octavio Fitch Lazo, the U.K. Press Association reports.

"It moved me to see that no one understood her very well...I think she is right to fight for what she wants," Lazo said. Lazo, is a private citizen who is a member of a lobbying group that wants Mexico to use silver coins, bought Chavez a plane ticket so she can take part in the festivities.

Chavez staged a hunger strike in February outside the British Embassy in Mexico City. She lost 19 lbs.

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