The Royal Wedding 29th April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey in London on 29th April 2011. Royal Wedding 2011 Info covers all of the latest news, analysis, insight and discussion. The Royal Couple are now The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


The Official Royal Wedding Programme is now available online

The Official Programme for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine (Kate) Middleton is now available for the public to download for free.

The Official Royal Wedding Programme will also be available for free electronically in two formats: as a page-turning Ceros PDF (using Flash) and an iBook compatible with Apple products, which can be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore. 

The programme includes the full Order of Service (as used by guests in Westminster Abbey), a personal message of thanks from Prince William and Miss Middleton, and a photo of the Couple taken by photographer Mario Testino at the time of the Couple’s engagement.

The Official Programme features Prince William’s recently updated Coat of Arms on the front cover and Catherine Middleton’s new Coat of Arms on the back cover.

The Official Royal Wedding Programme will be sold at the following locations tomorrow (Friday 29th April): 

  • St. James’s Park – Marlborough Gate, North Horse Ride, Storeyard Triangle and Queen Anne’s Gate, as well as four mobile sales units around the park.
  • Green Park – Green Park Underground Station, as well as two mobile sales units around the park.
  • Hyde Park – Speakers Corner and at the Fun Fair, as well as two mobile sales units around the park.
  • Trafalgar Square – opposite South Africa House, as well as one mobile sales unit opposite Canada House on Cockspur Street. 

The Order of Service includes full details about the processions, music, hymns, prayers and readings.  The Wedding Service follows the Book of Common Prayer (Alternative Services: Series One).  There will be one Lesson during the service, which the Couple have asked James Middleton to read.

On the wedding day, 150,000 copies of the programme will be sold by 60 Explorer Scouts and 80 Cadets (supervised by adults) for £2 per copy at locations in Green Park, Hyde Park, St James’s Park and Trafalgar Square.

Profits from the sale of the Official Programme will go to benefit The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

UPDATE - Download The Official Royal Wedding Programme


    Lisa said...

    How would one go about ordering it online? (I am not in the UK and want an official hard copy of the programme)

    Anonymous said...

    so how do you actually download it?

    Anonymous said...

    Like Lisa before me, I am nowhere near Trafalgar Sq. on the day... Though I would love hardcopy. What can a foreigner do?
    Jo from Holland

    Admin said...

    There isn't currently the functionality to download the online version of the Royal Wedding programme, we'll advise if/when this changes.

    We will also investigate whether it will be possible to purchase a hard copy of the programme for those not able to be in London on the day. We'll advise how to purchase a copy if it is possible.

    Lisa said...

    Admin:: Thank you so much! Look forward to hearing ((fingers crossed for good news haha))

    aiv said...

    where do you the program. The electronic pdf version is not printable.

    Anonymous said...

    will it be possible to purchase a hard copy tomorrow (saturday)

    L Hasty said...

    I also would love to purchase a hard copy of the official programme - please

    Tracy said...

    Tracy said...

    John said...

    I to would like to obtain a hard copy of the programme

    Ally Mc. said...

    I would also love a copy, actually 2 copies (one for me and one for my sister as a gift)

    Anonymous said...

    I would like to purchase a hardcopy to for my mum as she has no access to a computer. Thank you.

    Jennifer M. said...

    I too am not in the UK; I am in USA and would LOVE to purchase 6 hard copies of the programme for myself and family members. PLEASE post any info. if this becomes available and how to go about it! Thank you!!

    Anonymous said...

    Available for purchase:

    Isabella DeCarlo said...

    Any further information on purchasing the Hard copy of the Programme. I am in the USA and I know a lot of people who do not have computers and would love to have the actual programme not a printout. I think it would generate a lot of funds for the charities.
    Thank you,
    Isabella in NYC

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