The Royal Wedding 29th April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey in London on 29th April 2011. Royal Wedding 2011 Info covers all of the latest news, analysis, insight and discussion. The Royal Couple are now The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Kate Middleton's New Coat Of Arms

Mr Michael Middleton has been granted a Coat of Arms in order that his daughter Kate Middleton can have her own Coat of Arms as seen on the left.

Apparently the immediate Middleton family worked closely with the College of Arms throughout the design process to ensure that it is truly a representation of their family.

The three acorns represent the three children in the Middleton family, Catherine (Kate), Philippa and James. The gold chevron in the middle of the design represents Mrs Middleton.

Kate's Coat of Arms has been presented as a lozenge dangling from a piece of blue ribbon to indicate that she is an unmarried daughter.

Once married a new Coat of Arms will be created made up of both Prince William's and Kate's Coat of Arms.

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