The Royal Wedding 29th April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey in London on 29th April 2011. Royal Wedding 2011 Info covers all of the latest news, analysis, insight and discussion. The Royal Couple are now The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Pippa Middleton and The Royal Wedding

A star is born, but let's pray Kate's little sister is not the new Princess Margaret.

Kate Middleton may have won the nation's hearts on Friday, but as the day's celebrations drew to a close it was clear that her little sister, Pippa, had captured the eyes.

Arriving back at The Goring Hotel close to 3am in a slinky, long emerald gown, with diamanté embellishment, she retained the poise and serene sparkle that had bewitched onlookers all day.

From the moment Pippa arrived at Westminster Abbey, clad in an audaciously simple cowl-necked ivory sheath that skimmed like a glove over her slender yet shapely figure, the nation swooned; you could almost hear the collective male gasp every time she bent to straighten Kate's dress.

By the time Friday's royal wedding service was halfway through, Pippa's crepe-covered derrière was "trending" wildly on social media site Twitter, and by the day's end there were three separate Facebook pages dedicated to praise of her posterior – with the "Pippa Middleton *** Appreciation Society" leading the panting field. Many other admirers, however, had eyes only for the tantalising glimpses of cleavage afforded by her dress's teasing neckline.  

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